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Sucked in...("Photo courtesy of NSSL"

Sucked in…
Photo courtesy of NSSL

I’ve never been accused of being a good writer.  My grades in school were mediocre at best.  So when my daughter offered to set up a blog so I could write about bees, I thought “this will be interesting.”  She IS a writer.  When she was young our family would play little word games.  Her older brother and I would be haltingly coming up with words, but when it was her turn, she contributed loads of well placed words.  She couldn’t have been over 8 years at that point.  Where did she learn all that?  Possibly from her Mom reading to both kids every night before bed.  Obviously, she didn’t get it from me.  My fallback line has always been, “I’m a printer, not a writer.”

Blogging has changed everything.  While I still have trouble putting thoughts into words, taking a photo first makes it much easier to write, but it still takes time.  Only after the dinner dishes are done, do I get to blog…although I have been known to cheat here and there during the day. When my wife goes to deliver some print jobs I know I’m good for awhile… “I just want to finish up this thought and then I’ll get back to work.”  All of a sudden I hear the car returning…”Yikes, I just blew a whole hour!  I better get busy before she comes in.”

She does all the cooking, mostly from scratch, cleans the house, works in the shop and even takes time to knit in the evenings.  In the summer, add the gardening to the list.  What do I do?  I work the presses.  Thankfully, she doesn’t know how to do that or I might be out of a job.  I’m also SUPPOSED to be getting the expenses in order for taxes,  but when I get on the computer, I’ve got to look at my stats and comments and…the hours just fly by…sucked into the vortex.  While my wife is very understanding, the Internal Revenue Service is not, so it looks like it’ll be less blogging til I catch up.

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