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I decided to try out growing some mushrooms after my daughter sent me a mushroom growing kit from the SF Bay area.  They were oyster mushrooms and worked well, so I wanted more.  I trade printing services for the opportunity to pick up coffee grounds from a place in town.  I only needed about a five gallon bucket load.

Since we are adamant about having as many car-free days as possible, I try to use the bicycle as much as possible.

Two full buckets…that’s heavy. I hope the wind is at my back on the uphill stage.

Drill holes in the bottom of the bucket to drain the excess water

The whitish spawn comes in a package.

Four hands mix it up

All mixed up and ready to wait. It takes about 3 weeks to start showing.

I placed the bucket outside under some fir trees. It’s mostly in the shade with a couple of slices of sun early and late.

Day 18…whitish color on surface of mixture. oh boy,  it’s going to happen!

Day 25 Ain’t they cute?

They are growing at Day 28. Soon we will cut just a little to try out. The directions say that 1-2% of the population is somewhat allergic. If you eat just a little and get a reaction, it’s better than eating a bunch.

Just to be sure they were ready, I inquired about the mushrooms.

Letter from Fungi Perfecti

Day 30…Harvest time. I wish I could say I ate a small sample to test it out, but I couldn’t hold myself back and ate the whole batch!

For more uses of coffee grounds, tap into this web site…

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