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This was brought to my attention by Emily Heath, a fellow beekeeper in Great Britain whom I follow. George Menbiot states the situation much better than I. (I’m a printer, not a writer)
Think about this the next time you are tempted to buy that useless gift.
Before you leave the house to go shopping, take a re-usable cloth bag. Don’t buy plastic gifts that will end up in the garbage in a few days. RECYCLE AND RE-USE as much as possible.

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Ah humans. So superior to the Mother Earth which puts up with us.

Photographer Chris Jordan is doing a fantastic work on Midway Island in the Pacific. It’s so easy to consume something in a plastic container, throw it in the trash can, put it out for collection, and COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT IT FOR FOREVER.

Meanwhile, this plastic can’t be easily disposed of. So it’s thrown in the ocean by bad businesses and governments and collects mainly in the Pacific where it is creating quite a disgusting and embarrassing problem. We should be very embarrassed. We should be apologizing profusely. But who we are really hurting are animals who can’t call out to us, who can’t hurt us, who we don’t even think about EVER.

Please do your part. RECYCLE and REUSE when you have to buy plastic, but do NOT buy PLASTIC if not necessary!!

Please see Chris’ documentary…

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