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Foxy Garden

I wasn’t surprised by the deer.  We had been bribing the deer with little gifts of spent pea vines and leafed out fruit tree suckers.  It was the ‘blur in the background’ that caught my attention.  It wasn’t the first time we had seen the fox.

4906BB Mr. Fox came calling, 4-7-17 copy

The first time we spotted Mr. Fox was back in April, when he was visiting the bird feeding area. The crows had been spilling the food onto the ground where they could get it easier. Mr. Fox could get it too…how often I wonder?

The fox was probably cleaning up the dropped plums.  My wife wonders if foxes can eat cats.  It looks big enough.

Speaking of deer…

19 Baby deer, spots, 8-8-17

August 8…A baby deer appeared for the first time this evening. My very observant wife says the mama deer trusted us enough to bring out her fawn. My wife had been observing the doe for a few days. When the doe came out yesterday, she kept looking back at something, staring at what, another deer? Possibly her fawn, making sure it stayed put.

11 The proud Mom, 8-8-17

The proud mama… I’m quite sure the deer can see us looking at them through the window. How do I know? There are times in the spring when there’s nothing out on the board. The deer will just STAND AND STARE.

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