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August 11, 2014...The Tulip Tree is still going strong.

August 11, 2014…The Tulip Tree is still going strong, but is it possible some of the leaves are turning yellow?

According to an article in The Washington Post a long dry spell can cause the Tulip trees to shut down some of their leaves, which makes them turn a bright yellow.  I’m not sure that we are seeing the beginnings of yellow leaves, but we have come through a long dry spell.

I read on the web sites that people love their Tulip Trees, EXCEPT when they rain sap.  “Do not park your cars under a Tulip tree,” and yet I didn’t see much sap on the ground.  Maybe the trees in the Pacific Northwest are better behaved. 🙂

August 11, leaves are still being produced.

August 11, 2014…baby leaves are still being produced.


6 seed against sky

7 smallish leaf

Seed pod

We are going to have to wait at least another month before we see the inside of the seed pod.  This one is still green.

I recently picked up a book by Daniel Chamovitz, “What A Plant Knows.”  In the first chapter he writes, “Plants see if you come near them;  they know when you stand over them.  They even know if you’re wearing a blue or red shirt.”  I wonder if the Tulip tree sees me coming by occasionally to see what’s happening?



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