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A bee sipping nectar on Autumn Beauty sedum

A bee sipping nectar from the  Autumn Joy sedum

Last year I discovered a new bee-loving flower.  My wife and I were visiting with Hal and Patti when I spotted a bunch of bee activity on some reddish blossoms.  Patti said it was Sedum.  I had heard of it, but I’ve never paid much attention to it.  Now that I’m keeping bees, I’m all ears when it comes to flowers that attract bees.

So we bought some from our friendly nursery…bees started working it as my wife was carrying the potted plants out to the garden.

The plants will winter over, but protect them from the deer which will eat surely eat the blossoms as we found out.

This sedum has wintered over and is on it's way to flowering in September

This sedum has wintered over and is on it’s way to flowering in September.  This time I’ve got it inside a deer fence.

I shot some video of the bees working the sedum.  It’s a good time to plant some now hint, hint…:-)

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