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After seeing Hal’s log hive I decided I wanted to try one. Since a tree is about the most natural setting for a bee hive it should stand to reason that the bees would do best there. I liked Hal’s philosophy of not medicating the bees, not taking their honey, and letting them swarm as nature dictates.
I asked around if anyone could come up with a cedar log preferably hollow that I could use for a bee hive. Turns out that a volunteer at the blood drive was a firewood cutter “Wood Man Russ”. Russ Gunther supplied me with a good sized log for the project.

The log was good alright…good and solid, which meant I would have to hollow it out somehow. I looked for log hives on You-Tube and found Gaiabees. This was a beautiful log hive in a horizontal orientation. I found out how to start the process…cut the length to double the chainsaw length. That made sense. My electric chainsaw was 18″. So I made it 36″ long. I even used canola oil for the chainsaw lubricant to avoid hydrocarbons.


was stated strongly in the chainsaw manual, but how else was I to accomplish the hollowing out process.
I carefully disobeyed the manual…4 times on each end. Making a square from both ends and soon realized the inside wasn’t going to just push out. First, the chainsaw wasn’t a true 18″, but only 16.5″ of effective cutting length That meant there was at least a 3″ wall in the middle beyond the length of each end.

I had to bring the sledge and bar routine into play.

After much heart pounding work I saw daylight.

Then I just had to saw clean out the shavings from time to time working the saw from one side to the other and rolling the log around.
To be continued…See video of the carving of Bee Beard

See also Randy and Loni save the day.

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