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Baiting the hives


Let’s see…lemongrass oil on a piece of paper towel, inside a ziplock plastic bag and old comb melted on a couple of top bars. All that’s left to do is to put on the top.

That one is done. Let’s check out the bait hive in the tree.

This one came through last week’s storm system with 70 mph gusts and a freak rare snowstorm of 4″. It passed the wind test. So we’ll give it some old comb and lemongrass oil as well. Is it 12 ft. off the ground. Hmmmm, no, but I’m somewhat allergic to ladders so hopefully six feet will be enough.

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Shakedown trial


Hung first bait hive today. It’s a dry run to wait for the old brood comb to come out of the freezer after 48 hours. I don’t want to take a chance with wax moths.
The plan will be to bait the hive with lemongrass essential oil and old brood comb from last year. If I get desperate I’ll add some queen pheromones.
While I’m awaiting swarm season I’ve hung the box in a tree to see how it weathers the March storms. The forecast for next week calls for a storm system of about 8 days in length. That ought to give the box a good test ‘ride.’

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