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An added bonus to growing flowers for the bees is attracting different pollinators.  Dozens of butterflies fluttered onto our flowers.    The Wallflower, Erysimum has been blooming all summer and today it was visited by an American Lady.  Will Cook was kind enough to answer my late night email inquiry and identified it.

An American Lady shows off her two eye spots on the underside of her wings.

An American Lady sipping nectar

This short video shows the butterfly probing the flower with her proboscis.  Sometimes it takes a few tries before the nectar is located.

For more information about butterflies, check out this web site.

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What flowers to plant/buy for our area of Zone 5? These flowers have done well for us…

Bees love California Lilac which provides early nourishment for the bees

Bumble bee on the Comfrey, which can be considered invasive, but provides food for the bees.

Echium plant grew from 2 ft (.6 m) high last year to about 10 ft (3m) high this year

Bumble bees go for the Echium in a big way


Bees go crazy on these blossoms (which I was under the impression were Island Bush Poppies) as can be seen in this fuzzy photo of six bees on a Hypericum.  It’s covered with bees mid June to late July.

Bee diving into Penstemon blossom. These start blooming June.

Dahlias, blackberries (main Oregon crop for bees), sunflowers, wall flowers, rosemary are also good bets for bees, as well as cotoneaster which grows wild and provides food late in the season.

These are plants we’ve had in our garden. I’m sure there are many more. Please fill free to add to the list in the comments.

Many of these flowers serve as butterfly attractors also.   See Butterflies.

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